Tuesday, November 5, 2013

an update FINALLY!!!

just an irregular livesketches update, yeah yeah yeah....i know i'm a lazy bum.
well here it goes folks, i humbly present you....the lazy bum sketches in a random order ofcourse.(cause, well....you know, i'm a lazy bum)
these are sketches from Indonesia's Sketcher events

Some note about "Es Kopi Tak Kie", it's a wonderfull place to get a breakfast here.
The breakfast atmosphere is...well i don't know the right term to say it, comforting maybe? 
I knew that i would be pridely smiling in gluttony, yet at that time, my wallet is weeping hideously.
And dude...Ko Ango "Nasi Tim" is superb.

These are some sketches with the Jakarta Sketch Group guys. If any of you guys interested in joining with the pact, just search "Jakarta Sketch Group" on facebook, we're doing biweekly sketching events around Jakarta.

Here are some sketches when i was staying in jogja and dieng earlier this year.

This guy is mas Pepeng a.k.a escoret @ twitter. He doesn't want to be called a coffee expert for some reason, but yeah, he knew coffee better than any common homo sapiens living  in this planet. For some of you guys, you might not know the fact that my gastric have a good coordination skill with my buttocks. I'll explain it to you in the most simplest way.
So....mogri eat, few minutes later mogri goes poo poo. The problem is that i like the scent of coffee, and ofcourse the taste of it, but my stomach says the direct opposite of it. And the story goes...mas Pepeng told me that there are few rules to drink coffee, especially for someone with special necessities like me.

couple sketches from the 40th sketchcrawl(but i've never been posted it to the forum XD)

and here are some random livesketches.

and finally, BALI TRIP SKETCHES!!! yaaaaay!!!!
well actually there's nothing special about this, but this is my first time having a trip to bali so YAAAAAY!!!!